First insights from more than a decade of BKA proceedings

On 27.02.2020, two friends are intercepted by the BKA (“Bundeskriminalamt”, Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany), one at the airport and the other at work, in order to take their DNA on the spot. They are accused by court order of arson against cars belonging to Deutsche Bahn some ten years ago. Thereafter, the two people are sent tens of thousands of pages of files. These include criminal investigations from more than 15 years, some of which have been discontinued. The contents described here are based exclusively on the files available to us. The accused and their circle have been under investigation for years. They are turned into suspects, accused persons and „intellectual arsonists“ in ever new frameworks of reference.
BKA tried to open §129 proceedings („membership in a criminal organisation“), which was rejected by the public prosecutor’s office following the inspection of files in April 2020. Despite tens of thousands of pages, there are large gaps.